In my last post I walked you through the process of installing WordPress onto your host. In this tutorial I will be showing you how to install a theme and a plugin onto your WordPress site.

A theme is what determines the appearance of your site and plugins are what give your site functionality. These are 2 very important elements of your website so therefore you cannot successfully manage a WordPress Site without knowing how to add new themes and plugins.
For both themes and plugins there are two methods of installing a new one, you can either upload one from the WordPress repository, or you can upload it as a zip file. You will most likely have to use the zip file method if you purchase a premium theme or plugin or if you download one from a 3rd party website.
Check out this short video that will show you both methods of installing themes and plugins.
I hope you find this tutorial helpful. If you do please don’t forget to share this with everybody who might find this information useful.
Also I’d like to know, what is your favorite WordPress theme or plugin? Let me know in the comments below.
Stay tuned for my next WordPress tutorial where I will be showing you how to customize your WordPress site.
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