How Many Times a Day Should You Post on Twitter

Lately I have read quite a few blog posts that talk about how many times per day is the right amount to tweet on Twitter. The thing that surprised me the most when reading these different articles is that there were so many differing opinions on how many times a day was best.

I read posts that said not to tweet more than twice a day, I read others that said not to tweet less than 20 times a day, but most of articles stated numbers somewhere in between. No matter what the number was every article had a reasonable explanation as to why it was the right number.

The articles that said to tweet less stated that tweeting too often would be annoying to your followers and the articles that said to tweet more said that more tweets equals more exposure.

Who Do You Believe?

If I was just getting started on Twitter my head would be spinning with all of the contradictory information that is out there. I wouldn’t know if I should tweet more often and risk pissing off my followers or tweet less often and potentially not get the exposure that I am looking for.

I have been on Twitter for about a year and a half now and I have been able to grow a pretty decent following. I have gone through periods where I tweeted a lot and periods where I didn’t tweet much, or at all. Based on my own personal experience I think that those who say to tweet 20+ times a day are right.

Why So Many Tweets?

 It is important to tweet as much as possible because every tweet that you put out there is a chance to be seen, to put it simply, more tweets equals more exposure. You may be able to get away with only posting a couple times a day on Facebook or Instagram but Twitter is a completely different animal.

Twitter is a very fast paced platform and there about 6000 tweets going out every second. With that kind of traffic it is very hard to gain any kind of exposure with just 2 tweets a day.

Won’t My Followers be Annoyed?

Even if you have thousands of followers, every tweet that you put out there will only be seen by about 10% of your audience. What this means is that none of your followers would see enough of your tweets to get annoyed by them. Unless, of course, they have nothing else to do all day than pay close attention to every single tweet that the people they follow are posting.

The only way that your followers could possibly get annoyed with your tweeting would be if you were to post the same tweet over and over again. Tweeting as often as possible is important but you need to make sure that you have a good variety of tweets.

How Can I Come Up With So Many Tweets?

 I know that the thought of coming up with 20 original tweets every single day can be overwhelming but everything you tweet doesn’t have to be yours. In addition to sharing your own content you can retweet any tweets that are relevant to your audience, share content from your competitors or influencers in your niche, share inspirational quotes or motivational stories, share industry related topics, etc.

Also you are able to post the same tweet more that once. It is probably not a good idea to post the same tweet more than once in a day but you could post the same tweet 2 or  3 times a week. As mentioned before only a small percentage of your audience will see it each time, plus with you posting so many other tweets it probably wouldn’t be noticeable to your followers if they actually were to see the same tweet twice from you.

Are You Sure About This?

I have no doubt in my mind that tweeting more often is the best way to go. I currently have over 8,000 followers on Twitter (I’m going to hit the 10,000 mark soon, so exciting!) and I have a following that grows very steadily every single day. There has been times when I have taken a break from Twitter and didn’t tweet as often and I noticed a huge drop in the growth of my followers.

I don’t know what kind of results that the people who only tweet twice a day have but I know from experience that if I only tweeted twice a day I would have fewer followers, fewer retweets, and a lot less engagement.

How many times a day to you tweet?