Web Design Services

Web Design Services

Why Hire a Proffesional Web Designer?

Althought there are plenty of website builders and templates to choose from these days, hiring a professional is necessary for quite a few reasons. A professional web designer will consider many important factors that you may not if you build your own website, such as SEO or mobile responsiveness. Hiring a professional web designer is the best way to ensure that your website is tailored specifically for your business as apposed to using a generic template that could potentially be used by many other businesses.

Why Does Your Business Need a Professionally Designed Website?

Your website in most cases may be the first point of contact that a potential customer has with your business, so it is very important to ensure that your website is able to give a good first impression. Your website is a virtual business card that can represent you and your brand at 3am while you are still in bed, don't leave something as important as that to a pre-made template that doesn't completely fulfill your needs.

Ready to Get Started?

I can build a website for you that you will be proud to have represent you and your business. I will ensure that your website is user friendly, mobile responsive, and professional looking. Web design services offered include:

I will design a custom hand coded website for your business that will not only look great but will also be mobile responsive and SEO optimized. All meta, title, and alt tags will be fully optimized for search engines.
I will make sure that your website is always up to date and backed up for security reasons. I will add additional content to your website as needed.
I will ensure that all of the content on your site is fully optimized with the appropriate keywords
I can build and/or maintain your WordPress website. I can customize any WordPress theme to suit your needs.

Are you ready to discuss the Web Design needs for your business? Contact me today for a free consultation.

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