In my last couple of blog posts I went through the basics of setting up a WordPress website. After the most recent post was published I received a comment on social media that made me realize that some people are not too sure whether I am talking about or To eliminate any confusion, when I talk about WordPress I am talking about
A lot of people don’t realize that there are 2 different versions of WordPress let alone know what the differences between them are. As a result, for today’s post I will answer the question I should have answered before I even started talking about WordPress in the first place: What is the difference between and

With your site is hosted through them so you will not have to pay anything for hosting when you set up a site with them. You will also get a free domain from them that contains a WordPress sub domain, so your your URL would be

One of the major problems with is that there are a lot more restrictions placed on your site that will make it hard for you to monetize. You will not be able to put up any pay-per-click ads, Adsence ads, banner ads, etc. Another issue is that you do not have access to plugins. Plugins are what give your site functionality, without plugins you can only set up a very basic website. 

Using can be helpful when you are first starting out as you can set up a basic blog or website without having to purchase a domain name or hosting, but not having access to plugins severely limits the type of site that you are able to build.

To use you will have to purchase a domain name and a hosting package. Once you have that set up you can install WordPress on  your  host’s control panel like I showed you in one of my previous posts. Once WordPress is installed you can use plugins to help you build any type of site you want (e.g. online store, membership site, etc.). It is possible to set up a self hosted site for free if you get a free domain name and free hosting.

There is more flexibility for monetizing your website with and there are even plugins you can install that will help you make sure your ads are placed correctly.


Both and have their advantages and disadvantages. is economical but has little flexibility, has a ton of flexibility but the cost of the domain and hosting may be a bit more than some people are willing to spend when they are first starting out.

At the end of the day, if all you need is a very simple website or blog will give it what you need. If you are setting up a site for the purpose of monetizing with ads or if you need your site to have a specific functionality, is clearly the better option.

Do you prefer or Let me know in the comments.