Email Marketing



Email marketing is a really great way for keeping in touch with customers between purchases. This way you can be sure to stay top of mind for next time they need something from you. When done effectively email marketing can help to generate additional revenue for your business. Email marketing offered services include:

  • List Bulding: You have probably heard before that the money is in the list, but that is only if you targeted subscribers who are interested in what you are offering. I can develop a list building strategy that will to attract more targeted subscribers to your list.
  • Proffreading and Editing: Need an extra set of eyes to look over your emails before sending them out? Let me help with that. The last thing you need is for a silly typo to take away the credibility with your audience that you are working so hard to build up. I can make sure that every email is perfect before being sent out to your list.
  • Newsletter Scheduling: How often should you email your list? If you email them too often you can annoy them, not often enough and they can forget about you. I can help develop a schedule for emailing your list that will be just right for your audience. I will make sure that each email gets sent out on time every time.
  • Autoresponder Setup: Do you have a series of emails that you want sent to your list at a specific interval? I will set up your emails in an auto-responder so that they will go out automatically at the interval that you specify.
  • Data Analysis: I will monitor all of your email campaigns and use the data to gauge how well the campaigns are performing. I will then be able to determine if the email marketing strategy is working or needs some adjustments.

Are you ready to grow your business with email marketing? Contact me today for a free consultation.

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