General Administration

General Administration Services

Running a business is not easy at all, there are a lot of minor administrative details that can take up more hours than you have in a day. As tedious as these tasks can be they are extremely important and cannot be swept under the rug. You don’t have the budget to hire a full time employee but these tasks still need to be done, what do you do? The answer is, hire a virtual assistant.
As a virtual assistant I can provide you with the office help you need without costing you what a traditional employee would cost. Save time and money and hire me to handle your administrative tasks today.

General administrative services offered include:

Typing, data entry, editing/proofreading, correspondance, meeting minutes, PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets, brochures, flyers.

Calendar management, appointment booking, database management, CRM management, electronic file maintenance, virtual event planning, online research, travel arrangements.

Respond to emails, return phone calls, follow-up.

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