Why Twitter Should be Part of your Digital Marketing Strategy

There are many social media platforms to choose from when developing a digital marketing strategy for your business. I feel that Twitter is one that often gets overlooked by business owners, and this confuses me because Twitter is my very favorite social media platform for promoting my business. Twitter  is a very powerful marketing tool especially since it has over 300 million users worldwide and over 6,000 tweets go out every single second.

If the concept of Twitter marketing is a mystery to you definitely stay tuned for my next few blog posts as I will be giving away some of my best Twitter marketing secrets. I will be doing a post on how to increase your Twitter following, I will be doing one on ways to get more exposure to your tweets, I will be doing one  on some tools you can use that will help you save some time and will make the process a lot easier for you, and much more. Today’s post is about why you should be using Twitter for digital marketing in the first place.

Twitter vs. Facebook

When I tell people about how much I love Twitter I always get some sort of lecture for not using Facebook instead. I actually do have a Facebook page, I just find that I get more engagement on Twitter. The thing about Facebook is that it now getting harder and harder to gain any type of organic traffic. The brands who get the most success from Facebook are usually spending money on Facebook Ads, but what if you are just getting started and you don’t have much of an advertising budget?

Even if you do have a Facebook page with a lot of likes it doesn’t guarantee that your posts will end up in the news feeds of the people who like your page. What this means is that you can spend a lot of time putting out posts on  your Facebook page with no guarantee that anyone, whether the follow your page or not, will see them. Unless of course you are able to pay for ads. With Twitter, your tweets can potentially be seen by anyone whether the follow you or not especially if you use the right hashtags.

Is Twitter Dead?

Another thing people tell me when I talk about how much I love Twitter is that Twitter is dead. There is so much talk out there about how Twitter is dying because it hasn’t seen as much growth as some other platforms. It may not be growing quickly but the users on this platform are highly active which makes for some great engagement. There are people from all walks of life on Twitter: celebrities, royalty, even the Pope.

Whenever a major event is happening, people are live tweeting and hash tagging while the event is taking place. Whenever a big news story breaks people go to Twitter first in order to try and find out what is happening because they know that’s where they’re gonna find the latest breaking news. So to answer the question, Twitter is not dead, it is very much alive and kicking. Twitter is a very powerful social network and should be overlooked when developing your digital marketing strategy.


Are looking to get started on Twitter and you have no idea how to begin? Or are you currently on Twitter right now and your current Twitter strategy is not working? If you would like some help in developing your Twitter marketing strategy feel free to contact me or reach out to me on Twitter

For my next post I will be showing you how to properly set up and optimize your Twitter profile. Having a fully optimized profile is definitely a good idea because that is what attracts people to your profile that is how people make the decision as to whether or not to follow you. Stay tuned for some great Twitter tips.


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